Essential Oils for Health, Love & Abundance

For Health:

Rosemary – a symbol of trust and constancy, valued by the ancients for its ability to enhance concentration and memory. It was thought to bring good luck and to impart protection against magic and witchcraft. It can also strengthen the heartbeat and increase circulation of blood to the brain. Lastly, rosemary helps with poor concentration and nervousness. It warms the Spirit and makes it bold.

Eucalyptus – May be topically applied to relieve muscular pain. It improves breathing by opening the chest, increases vitality, and dispels stagnated feelings and fears. It gives us “room to breathe” and allows us to feel revived and renewed.

Lavender – I consider lavender to be an aromatic “Rescue Remedy” as it has the ability to calm and stabilize our overall mental-emotional equilibrium by easing feelings of panic. Ruled by Virgo (the nurturing, orderly and rule-abiding Virgin), it has the ability to help overcome shyness, sensitivity and frustration.

For Love:

Geranium Rose – an important ingredient in perfumery and often used as a substitute for rose oil. It relaxes nerves and calms anxiety. Geranium Rose is also helpful for treating infertility and menopause. It’s considered an aphrodisiac and its archetypal symbol is Venus – the symbol of sensuality, creativity and relationships. Geranium Rose helps reconnect us with emotional sensitivity and improves our ability to maintain intimate communication with our loved ones.

Rose/Rosewater – One of the best remedies for dry skin and rashes. It calms and supports the heart and has the ability to heal emotional wounds. Classified as an herb of love, rose is a well-known aphrodisiac and symbolizes faith, hope, love, trust and self-acceptance.

For Abundance:

Sweet Orange – This oil is extracted by means of cold pressing the rind of the fruit of the sweet orange tree. The principal value of sweet orange oil is to move energy and transform our tension and frustration into joy and positivity. I call it the happy scent because it is very stimulating and uplifting – it is also a symbol of good luck. This oil helps us take a more relaxed approach to life.

Oranges are presented during the Chinese New Year as a symbol for happiness and prosperity. They are associated with the mythical Phoenix bird which is a symbol of abundance and good fortune. If we can indeed move from frustration to joy and positivity, we can not only achieve abundance but more success, joy, love, prosperity and health!

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