A Warm Summer Day

A Warm Summer Day

Posted by Paula Naples on 16th Aug 2015

Ok so I'm sitting here at the beach on this lovely August day and I'm thinking, better move into the shade or I'll have a good case of parched, alligator skin later! So, I first take my Hydrating Mist … read more

Our Products

Posted by Paula Naples on 1st Jul 2015

One of the first of our products that  I'm blogging about is the Hydrating Body Mist, and perhaps the simplest. The beneficial ingredients are vitamin e, distilled water and vegetable glycer … read more

How Pure Sense by Paula Began

Posted by Paula Naples on 22nd Jun 2015

Well it occurred to me that after my first blog post on some benefits of Lavender, that I hadn't introduced myself to newcomers to my business and website.I'm Paula Naples, creator of Pure Sense by Pa … read more
The secrets of lavender

The secrets of lavender

Posted by Paula Naples on 7th May 2015

So I'm sitting here at dinner thinking about what I'm going to write in my first blog. Yikes! My next inclination  is to grab for the bread. BIG MISTAKE!  I'm allergic to wheat!! As a result … read more