A Warm Summer Day

A Warm Summer Day

Posted by Paula Naples on 16th Aug 2015

Ok so I'm sitting here at the beach on this lovely August day and I'm thinking, better move into the shade or I'll have a good case of parched, alligator skin later! So, I first take my Hydrating Mist out of my bag, and spray a refreshing spritz of Lavender and Peppermint on and around the back of my neck and chest. Ahh, cooling, relief at last!

So, I'm enjoying my day and now look forward to going home, taking a nice cool shower and the thought of slathering on my creamy Hand and Body Souffle , quenching my skin and making it as smooth as a baby's bottom, so they say!!

Comes in unscented, our ready made, pure aromatherapy scents, or custom from our scent chart.

Mmmm... happy slathering!!

Essentially yours,