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Lavender EO

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Made from natural and non-toxic soy wax, our fine collection of hand poured candles are scented with either the highest grade of essential oils or the finest quality of natural perfume oils. Our soy wax candles create very little soot, burn cooler and cleaner and provide at least a 30% longer life span than that of paraffin candles – and also burn without the negative health effects of paraffin candles. The scents are never overbearing and are consistent throughout the life of the candle. The cotton wick is sized perfectly to burn the candle at just the right temperature to release the essential or fragrance oil. These elegant soy wax candles are the perfect aromatherapy candle for meditation, yoga, massage, any type of therapy session, or just for every day use. And, when you purchase a soy candle, you are helping to support American farmers!

Ingredients: Natural Soy Wax, Cotton Wick, Essential or Natural Perfume Oils.